Sole DXB Event

Sole DXB

A post we are excited about for quite a few reasons but primarily because boundaries have been broken. We are at Sole DXB an event that has taken a phenomenal growth path in recent years where “pop up pavilions are built”. The event is so unique we are having trouble describing it, but in short, it’s a festival that celebrates, foot wear, music, art & urban lifestyle. The event is so heavily attended & we are proud to be part of this movement in 2018 by building a 4 storey TSG-Scaffold hybrid. Our good friend’s @sweetwatermea pushed us to go where we haven’t been before and that’s’ taking the TSG to 4 x storeys. The first two levels comprised of retail while the third presented activations and the fourth being a rooftop bar and look out with a custom “central cut out” in the flooring system allowing guests to view activations below. We would like to thank @sweetwatermea for allowing us the opportunity! #soledxb #adidas #allaithevents #sweetwatermea #breakingboundries#goodvibes